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Sovereign Court Services

Sovereign Court Services works to relieve the fear and to mitigate the financial burden that accompany legal problems arising from substance abuse. Alcoholism and drug addiction are serious diseases that require prompt and effective treatment. Unfortunately, many individuals are placed in the untenable situation of simultaneously battling addiction and the courts. It all can be overwhelming.

Sovereign Court Services is experienced in interceding on behalf of recovering addicts and alcoholics through the intricacies of the legal system. The goal is simple: treatment, not jail time, for addicts and alcoholics.

Treatment, not jail time

Recovering addicts and alcoholics often have much more serious legal problems than a DUI. Sovereign Court Services understands cleaning up the wreckage of one’s past is an integral part of the recovery process. We provide formal letters addressing participation and an individual’s success in treatment for court purposes. Court services actively works to keep legal and financial issues at bay so that the individual can focus on recovery.

Sovereign Court Services does not provide legal representation. An attorney protects a client’s rights in court; Sovereign Court Services lobbies for rehab and treatment. Court services specializes in drafting treatment plans that an attorney presents to the court. If the court accepts the plan, Sovereign Court Services stands as one’s intercessor throughout rehabilitation. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing progress reports for the court
  • Scheduling psychiatric evaluations as needed
  • Providing structured supervision and monitoring
  • Drafting comprehensive reports for the court
  • Serving as court liaison for all court appointments and hearings
  • Providing transportation to and from the court
  • Performing all court-mandated drug tests

Since inception, Sovereign Health Group has been the only alcohol, drug and mental health treatment company to provide legal assistance for its clients in the country; though we likely won’t be exclusive for long. This personal touch gives patients confidence and proves our loyalty – other treatment providers take notice. When clients go to court, court services accompany with them. We work with the attorney and the judge to mitigate the legal repercussions stemming from drug or alcohol problems. We cannot guarantee to keep clients out of jail, but our court services staff will work tirelessly to secure treatment over jail time.

Removing the financial obstacles to treatment

We understand financial struggles can be an impediment to seeking treatment for addiction or mental health issues. This is especially true for individuals facing legal issues. Sovereign Health Group accepts most major health insurance. We also offer flexible finance options to ensure clients receive the appropriate care and treatment for his or her alcohol, drug or mental health problem.

In 2008, Congress passed the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equality Act. This legislation requires health insurers and group health plans to provide the same level of benefits for mental health care and substance abuse treatment that they do for medical and surgical care. The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act requires qualified plans be made available on the Health Insurance Marketplace to cover most behavioral health treatments and services.

Sovereign Health Group is committed to providing the best mental health and substance abuse treatment for clients.

Substance abuse, mental health issues or both

Sovereign Health Group specializes in treating adolescents and adults with addiction or mental health problems or both. We have treatment facilities throughout the United States. We provide the following levels of care:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Residential and outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization if needed

A thorough assessment

Clinicians perform a thorough physical and mental assessment of every client. We conduct psychological and cognitive evaluations to determine what is the best treatment regimen for each patient. In some cases, we conduct pharmacogenetics testing. Pharmacogenetics testing examines a person’s genetic makeup so doctors can prescribe a medication more accurately. Sadly, many individuals with mental illness are prescribed standard antipsychotic and other powerful medicines that provide little lasting relief because the individual’s genetic makeup renders these drugs ineffective.

Treatment and therapy

Our counselors use an array of therapies to treat mental health disorders and drug and alcohol addiction. These include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy—CBT
  • Solution focused brief therapy
  • Brief strategic therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing—EMDR

We also have experimental therapies, including equine, expressive art and recreation. We use mind and body techniques such as yoga and experiential therapy to address the underlying causes of addiction.

Please contact the 24-hour helpline listed on this website to find out more about Sovereign Health’s Court Services division.

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