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 Sovereign Health Group’s care for its clients extends beyond drug, alcohol counseling and treatment. Sovereign Health Group Court Services provides assistance and mental health services to clients and their legal counsel with respect to legal issues stemming from their substance abuse problems. Sovereign does not provide legal services; however, we do provide the following:

  • Progress reports to the court for patients in treatment
  • Clinical assessments of a patients’ treatment progress
  • Letters of recommendation to judges regarding treatment
  • Referrals to criminal law attorneys and other practice specialties—many firms offer free initial consultations
  • Transportation to and from court from treatment facilities/houses

Recent California Legal Developments: Proposition 47; AB 109/AB 117

Proposition 47

In November 2014, California passed Proposition 47: the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act—Proposition Criminal Sentences. Misdemeanor Penalties. Initiative Statute. Proposition 47 was created to ease the overcrowding in California prisons by reducing certain felonies to misdemeanors for theft and drug possession. Individuals incarcerated for these crimes will now serve significantly reduced sentences or will be simply released. People now arrested for these types of offenses will be cited and released, or spend little or no time in jail. This only applies to individuals who do not have outstanding warrants or other pending legal issues.

Prop. 47 proponents point out the $250 million in court cost savings. This money will be spent on K-12 schools and drug and alcohol education programs. Opponents say the law imperils drug courts and treatment. Given the choice between little or no jail time for certain drug offenses, many addicts will continue to roll the dice and use drugs. Without court-mandated treatment, opponents say, most addicts will not get help.

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Sovereign Court Services

Sovereign Court Services works to relieve the fear and to mitigate the financial burden that accompany legal problems arising from substance abuse.

Treatment in California

Drug treatment alternatives to incarceration are available in the state of California if you have been convicted of a nonviolent, non-serious drug-related offense.

About Us

Sovereign Health Group Court Services works to support those facing nonviolent drug-related charges. Our advocates represent clients who have been charged with misdemeanors or felonies due to substance use and seek to help them replace harsh sentences with time in a rehabilitation program.